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    Currency System

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    Currency System Empty Currency System

    Post  +Swan+ on Wed Mar 23, 2011 2:43 pm

    Currency, money; yes money, the thing everyone loves to have. The currency system allows people to buy upgrades for their MS, weapons for their MS, or vessels (won't cost cheap), or save up for a new and up coming MS.

    How do I get money you say?
    You can gain money from you faction. Starting as of 4/1/11 each player in a faction will recieve 50,000C weekly, so the next time you will get money is 4/8/11.

    Another way to gain money is by completing mission which vary in cost or by doing things in your faction. In another fun way to gain money is by salvaging down MS that you have fought against and taking your spoils to a scrap yard and selling them, what you bring also varies in how much Credit Currency (CC) you recieve. lets face it a mostly working Zaku II is going to get you more than a Zaku II blown to hell.

    Those players which to choose the path of a Mercenary; PMC, or Privateer will only recive 20,000C weekly due to their ability to gain more by doing Bounties and Jobs as well as salvaging; however I wouldnt reccomend this for nw players unless they really really want to be unaligned with faction or corporation, even though Raven Nest/Ravens Ark is kind of a faction.

    Updates will be applied every month to the MS count and availablity for faction depending on if something new is coming out and what was already out being mass produced. This update will occure on 4/31/11. So lets say there are only 4 Limited Production Flags available, at the end of the month those 4 flags will be tured into the next step of the Flag line and those VMS-01s will be mass produced for anyones use.

    For new player they all recieve 100k for just signing up and getting started with their characters and MS and entering whatever path they decide, however for -15k you can get a normal esque MS, for -25k you can chose a gundam esque MS. So say im a new player and I choose the R-78 Gundam for my MS, I'll deduct 25k from my 100k I am given to start with and that will leave me 75k to roam around with; if I choose say a Zaku II I'll have 85k to run around with.

    Please keep track of how much CC you get because I won't be able to keep tabs on everyone (and if/when something goes wrong I'll get a million complaints of money loss). Keep track of it if your valuables!!

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