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    Post  +Swan+ on Wed Mar 23, 2011 4:08 pm

    As you might have noticed (if you looked at other teams/template) there is a space at the bottom that has Reputation, followed by "Level" and "Rep Points". This section is for a feature I made to promote character/team development and site activity called Team Reputation.

    How this works is, there are 10 levels in the Rep System. Every new team starts of at level 1. As team members complete missions and defeat other PCs, they gain Points for their team given by a staffmember. These ponits get accumulated and eventually the team will level up.
    ((NOTE: I almsot forgot, you get to pick ONE of the level-1 perks at creation! so don't forget.))

    When a team reaches a new level, the leader can inform a mod or admin to check the points and from there the leader may pick from a selection of perks at that Level. The mod will permanently add that perk to the Team App in the approved section.

    Team Perks are special little features that only members of the subject team can use. They will usually add a little bonus to those members, such as a small boost in weekly income, or safe passage through interplanetary ports, etc. Once the team leader has selected a perk from a level-up, they become permanently part of that team.

    An admin (such as myself) will always be monitoring the Rep System and the accumulation of points. Also I'll try to keep this system up to date as much as possible so it doesn't get stale and boring. So with that said,

    Perks and Levels
    L1(00pts) - One Man's Trash, Handyman, Gladiator, Nut Shot

    L2(25pts) - Street Sweeper, Energy Drink

    L3(50pts) - Sleight of Hand, Hawk Eye, Hello my Hate

    L4(100pts) - Entourage, Pellet Gun, Safehouse

    L5(150pts) - MVP, Bounty Hunter, Blood Money

    L6(250pts) - Ninja, I-Five, Haute Couture

    L7(500pts) - Funeral for a Friend, The Vault, Ship Shape, Carrion Crow

    L8(750pts) - Ghoul, Martyrdom, Master of Puppets, Slap On the Wrist

    L9(1,000pts) - Killstreak, Death From Above, Militia

    L10(1,250pts) - Represent (only)

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    REPUTATION System Empty Re: REPUTATION System

    Post  +Swan+ on Thu Mar 24, 2011 11:12 am


    Blood Money - Get 20,000cc when you kill a member (Player) of an opposing team

    MVP - Gain +10% on all Corporate Jobs

    Bounty Hunter - Gain 10% on all Bounties

    Ship Shape - Team Leader gains a low-grade ship for team use

    Gladiator - Gain full repairs after each winning Arena match

    Militia - Gain a 4th NPC slot

    Safehouse - Gain a small team outpost w/ hangar in any friendly territory (limit-one)

    One Man's Trash - Gain +5% on all salvage sales

    Represent - Gain a unique team group+color

    Hello My Hate - Player Characters gain double points for killing a player of an opposing Faction

    Handyman - Repair 10% damage after a battle

    Pellet Gun - Gain 15,000cc when you kill a Raven

    Energy Drink - Beam weapons have +10% armor penetration

    Street Sweeper - Solid shell weapons have +10% armor penetration

    Death From Above - Call in a bomber to attack once (limit-once per topic)

    The Vault - When a player dies, their next character will recieve 10% of their former character's credits.

    Ninja - Player Characters' boosters have 50% less audible and Minovsky sensability

    Nut Shot - Gain 5,000cc for shooting an enemy Mobile Suit in the crotch area

    Carrion Crow - Gain 40,000cc for being in the Top 5 Ravens (player)

    Blacklake (S) - The mobile suit MS Silverlake becomes available for purchase to members

    Killstreak - Call in a mass-production MS for support. The unit will flee if it takes on heavy fire (limit-once per ttopic)

    Haute Couture - Create a unique camoflauge pattern than all members' MS can use. Cannot apply/remove during combat. Use: reduces enemy accuracy by 10%

    I-Five - I-Fields have +25% coverage radius

    Funeral for a Friend - Players can salvage one low-grade part from their killed NPCs

    Hawk Eye - Players' MS have +10% accuracy

    Ghoul - If a player's core would normally explode from damage, it holds for 2 more posts instead

    Martyrdom - Players' MS always have a core explosion if the pilot dies as a result of an attack

    Sleight of Hand - Reload and aim faster than normal

    Entourage - All Player Character members gain popularity In-Character, allowing for better IC opportunities. (moderated for abuse)

    Master of Puppets - All PC members' suits have Mobile Doll capabilities

    Slap On the Wrist - All players may acquire a special wrist-PDA that has a communicator, net link, and -monor- MS control capabilities in short range


    more coming soon...

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