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    Post  +Swan+ on Wed Mar 23, 2011 3:20 pm

    story tellers choice is the new and only gameing system that the Gundam RPG currently has... Story tellers choice allows the story teller to decide the fate of the players depending on there actions in an unbiased as possible form...

    For example, lets say jim and bob are in a battle but bob keeps blocking excessively, and in a since unrealistically... jim may call a time out of the current role play and request a story teller ((only currently one right now (Rot))). The story teller will then review the battle, and give a written description of whats going to happen next.. for example.. The Zaku shot lands blowing the Gm's arm off... This being just an example some fates that the story teller might choose one to have may be much more grim or not...

    A story teller may also intervene in any RPG as he sees fit... lets say tim and mark are fighting an army of mobile suits, and both of them happen to not take any scratches... the story teller may intervene in situations like this and any other situation you may think of, and make tim and mark's RPG a living nightmare.

    The story teller is not going to be involved however in the battle sim unless someone requests it in wich case an AI will handle that case....

    As of right now the Story tellers will be anyone who is an Admin, however that doesnt mean that an individual has to be a story teller to start an RP...

    In game if someone ignores an attack that an opponent has thrown at them for one post that attack may become a fair auto hit...

    post 1: (JIM)Jim fires a vulcan volley from the x-3 at Tim lashing out with the heatrod, and firing funnels from behind....

    post 2: (TIM) Tim scoots aside to dodge the heat rod, and boosts up out of the way of the vulcan fire....

    (notice how Tim comepletely ignored the funnels)

    post 3: (JIM) The funnels shoot Tim's booster pack as Jim attacks with his beam cutlass from the front...

    Ignored attack rules:
    1. Ignored attacks cannot be fattal

    2. ignored attacks may only cause minimum to medium damage.

    3. ignored attacks are the only exception to the auto hit rule, consider it a legal auto hit.

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