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    Special Forum Ranks! Empty Special Forum Ranks!

    Post  +Swan+ on Tue Mar 22, 2011 3:43 pm

    Well, here it is. Specialty forum ranks! Here, through some extraordinary means, you will be permitted to use a special forum rank specifically made for your particular achievement. Anyone can get them, and most are available to multiple people at once. Here is a complete listing of ALL standard forum ranks, and the special forum ranks with the necessary achievement to recieve them. enjoy! ;3

    Newbie/Recruit - Make a forum account

    Member - Make at least 5 forum posts

    Veteran - Make 250 posts

    Champion - Make 500 posts

    Titan - Make 1,000 posts
    [+Any MP Suit]

    Collosal God - Make 1,500 posts

    Raven No. 1 - Be ranked #1 with Raven's Nest
    [+SERAPH Suit]

    Arena King - Have an Arena score or 5-0 or better

    Silver Lake Hunter - Defeat the MS Silverlake
    [+Ivory Sweeper (powerful melee-weapon)]

    More to come later on....

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