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    Post  +Swan+ on Wed Mar 23, 2011 3:22 pm

    1. No God Modding. The Idea of This RPG is not for you to be all-powerful, if you're not sure whether or not you're god modding this is a list of things that god modding includes: Auto Hitting, Auto killing, and pretty much being invincible. This includes the creation and use of unrealistic weapons (Flaming Swords etc.) as well as nukes and weapons of mass destruction.

    2. Respect everyone whether RPing ,IC (In Character), or Spamming, OOC (Out of Character). Be sure to respect those ranked higher than you are in your particular alignment. Do not interfere with existing RPs without permission from the creator.

    3. No nudity on the Forum, and no downloads or links to downloads.

    4. Try and keep profanity to a minimum especially in the game.

    5. There will be no racial slandering period; first offense is punishable by banning.

    6. Try to keep bashing to a minimum, I know its going to happen, but I don't want anyone getting so upset that they cry.

    7. Most Gundam universe material is allowed on this site except for and especially G-Gundam ((Mobile Fighter G-Gundam)) as well as Gundam 00 GN Drives.

    8.There is a maximum amount of upgrades to your Mobile Suit.
    For Upgrades such as the following you may have a maximum of eight: Vernias, operations systems such as the Zero system, and other things to that effect.

    Weapon Upgrades Include:
    Assault rifles, beam cannons, ETC. Weapons will be limited to three total upgrades and no more than three. Sorry Rambo Gundam.

    Special attacks pertain to certain actions your mobile suit can take.. For instance if you were playing Mortal Kombat, Scorpions spear move would be a special attack.. Special attacks will also be limited to three total upgrades.

    9. Please keep your Signatures a reasonable size. If yours is bigger than the other member's signatures then chances are that it is too big.

    10.The Mod's decisions can be overridden by an Administrator, but the Administrator has final say on all things. Flaming Administration and Moderators about their decisions is not allowed and punishable.

    1. Having a hidden bunker of men at your disposal that came from out of nowhere unless agreed upon by an admin.

    2. Taking refugee troops from anywhere and making them loyal to you.

    3. Having anything not story related or charecter approved by an admin that has influence in the corporations.

    4. You may not do anything else that falls into these categories.

    5. Last, but not least, you may not find ways around these rules to give yourself an unfair advantage.

    The Banned Equipment List:
    1. GN drives and technology. If you currently have GN technology, we are not banning this technology because we don’t like you, but because I feel that it doesn't belong in our century. You may however use the suits from 00, but they must have UC, or AC technology. The closest thing to a GN drive is a Minovsky core drive, and minovsky particles do the same thing as GN particles. Beam swords can take the place of GN swords, and Heat blades can take the place of GN blades.

    2. Mobile trace system. This is the cockpit system from g-gundam, it is not allowed. but please feel free to place a standard cockpit in any g-gundam that you would like.

    3. I-fields and phase shift armor may not be used in the same suit. I-fields offer beam protection, and phase shift armor offers protection against solid objects. The Admin and Moderation of the Gundam RPG feel that this would be an unfair advantage as it would make a mobile suit nearly invincible and we do not allow invincible suits.

    4. EXAM System - The Exam system gives suits a special boost that would make them next to invincible.

    5. Bio- mechanics – Bio mechs are not allowed for simple and obvious reasons.
    The first of these being that they are not Gundams.

    The Untold Rule:
    Everything is subject to change.

    1. Respect ranking in whatever Alignment you choose. Most of them are naval or army rankings do to the Idea of space fleets, flotillas.

    2. Don't try to own people you do not know or you will be slaughtered.

    3. Admins and Mods and "God" of this forum, dont make them angry.

    4. Pleas do not interfere with RP's that are already in effect. I promise everybody else is to self conscious of how powerful they are to care about how powerful you are. So pleas if you see someone hosting a story don't come in with your huge cannons and try to blow all of the NPC bad guys up. If you want to participate in the RP taking place, find a sensible way to come into it.

    5. No mystical weapons. If you want to play FF or Nurato i suggest you go play those RPG's. However this is the gundam RPG so leave your flaming swords, choccobos, and rings of power in there respective places.

    6. No weapons of mass destruction. Yes the GPO2 is cool but its nuke launcher isn't. So pleas lets pretend nukes had never been invented. In a way over powerful weapons is like god modding. So like i said before nobody will be approved for anything more powerful then necessary.

    7. Duals are cool. However if you are a newb and challenge someone to a dual, do not immediately run off and make a room that says dual; at least allow them to respond to you first; then give an existing location to meat. (( to everyone)) Do not interfere with a dual. A dual is between two people so unless someone asks you to help them in a dual. Do not interfere. Period.

    8. Do not claim yourself the ruler of anything if you are a newb; you have to be approved for everything. Keep that mind frame.

    9. ( this is to everyone) Do not spam RP rooms with your senseless snide remarks. I think all of us can be accused of this. As a matter of fact do not spam the RP rooms period unless your are telling people you are loging off or good night.

    10. Have fun without annoying people please.

    If you follow these 10 commandments as a newbie you will be ok in this rpg froum group.

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