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    Post  Siphon on Sun Mar 27, 2011 7:35 pm

    Welcome to the Mobile Suit Gundam RPG Mark-III. Here is a brief synopsis and summary of the game plot. It is important that you read this so that you will know what is going on with who and where. Its vital to all new characters.

    It is the year One, Rebirth Century. After endless warfare and long-lasting rivalries, countries have risen and fall, and the Corporations have risen to power. The world as you know it is driven by one thing; greed. The key to life lies in the hands of the highest Bidder.

    In this new Century, Mercenaries have band together under the contract company Raven's Nest. Old nations have turned to their corporate superpowers for political guidance. And there are those who even wish to bring order back to the any means necessary.

    You may choose the path of the Raven, vicious mercenary who fights for money or fame.
    The path of the soldier, corporate workman who composes the brunt force of their organization.
    Or the path of the knight, noble fighter who wishes to restore peace to a shatteres world even at the cost of some lives.

    The choice is yours...or is it?

    Plot: Anaheim Electronics
    Anaheim Electronics; AE. A mid-sized corporation originating from Luna. Their technology is the msot advanced of its kind and they are the leading producer of warfare electronics and suit parts.
    They are generally neutral, but always selling to the largest buyer. Their alliances frequently change due to this.
    Allied To: EPSF
    Enemies With: EFF

    Plot: Red Planet Imperial Military
    Red Planet Imperial Military; RPIM. A bi-product of the Red Planet Industrial Mining Company, the Imperial Military controls all of Mars. Since the corporation owns both the military and industry, RPIM is self-sufficient. Mars and RPIM have generally been disincluded in all or most political affairs. However the nature of it's military is brutal and unyielding. Recent HEX activity may be disturbing to RPIM's latest dealings.
    Allied To: none
    Enemies with: none

    Plot: Zeonic Corporation
    Zeonic Corporation; ZC. Zeonic Corp. is the bi-product of a fleeting government and a growing military power in the Republic of Zeon. Since then, it has downsized slightly, but still maintains to be a force to reckon with. Zeon has politically stabled in the recent years thanks to its Corporate rule. Mutual supporters of NA.
    Allied To: New Avalon
    Enemies With: HEX

    Plot: New Avalon
    New Avalon; NA. New Avalon is comprised of former pilots of the Crossbone Vanguard and PMCs as well as a handful of ex-Ravens. Their primary military group is called the Knights of New Avalon. Though NA's ambitions seem to frequently shift, their primary goal is to restore world unity and bring harmony to Humanity. Ironically, the Knights is a highly radical group. New Avalon itself is on a completed Space Colony located in Side 5; its society is very quiet and subtle, thus leading to its content citizens not leaving or revealing its whereabouts. It is lead by the former Raven Archerus.
    Allied To: Zeonic Corp.
    Enemies With: HEX

    Plot: Raven's Nest
    Raven's Nest; Raven's Ark. Comprised solely of special Direct Contracts and Private Military Contractors called Ravens; Raven's Nest houses all the Raven mercenaries and facilitates their housing and repairs. There is a list of all the Ravens in active service, and even a list of those wanted. Raven's are rare but strong pilots, and they are ranked 1 through 30. New pilots enter under the rank 31, and gain one rank for defeating another Raven of greater rank. Officially, Raven's Nest has no enemies or allies; only wealthy bidders.

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