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    Name: Swan Fairchile
    Callsign/Nickname: Black Swan
    Age: 18
    DOB: UC 0112.12.27
    SN: ?
    Gender: F
    Genetics: Natural Newtype
    Allignment: Neutral-Good
    Faction: Private Military Contractor
    Team: Ivory Circle
    Rank: Raven (rank 21)
    Hair: Silver w/red tips, medium-long, straight
    Eyes: Gray
    Skin: Pale light
    Race: Caucasion
    Height: 5'3'
    Weight: 109
    Notable features: Left eye scar; 34.D; sensitive to sun
    Gear: Luka dress; Ravens' crown; tiger-strider

    Swan is a quiet and collective individual who rarely talks or speaks out unless felt completely necessary. They have two general moods; calm and quiet, then excited and aloud. In rare instances and fights, sometimes the latter mood comes out and Swan will become enraveled in the thrill of the Hunt. Swan is not a very sociable person, with little associates and close friends. Though best alone, and in the silence, they can work with a team of other individuals witout problems. They have no specific feeling to the world, other than to live it and do what good they can while following their own path. However inhumility strikes a silent nerve in her gut that has proven time and time again lethal. Upon the closest prized posessions to Swan is the rare and beautiful Mograine, which is known by very few on the battlefield and Raven's Ark as "Lilium".

    Likes: The night; the Moon; rain storms; snow; purple; rogal; the Silverlake; SERAPH; wings; mobile suits/weapons.
    Dislikes: Von Braun; corporate greed; dirty mercenaries; vagrants; inhumility; Zeon; space; the sun; gas-planets.

    During their early youth, Swan grew up in a constantly war-torn world of Earth. The concequences of warfare were dire as it left their family decimated and scattered. Living in a newfound poverty, the youngling Swan left her home and her single mother in pursuit of a greater purpose. Throughout the battles, Swan was able to find many small jobs, a lot involving mobile suits and mobile weapons majority of times. This experience and helping the soldiers on the bases built up their experience until one day a staff sergeant taught her how to fly her first junker Zaku (a relic of older conflict). At this point her Newtype gene became active but remained infantile for the earlier months even to present time still not completely unleashed its potential. Eventually, Swan was of age to enter the military or find a job. At first the young aspiring pilot was eager and swayed by the rallying campaigns of the larger corporations, such as RPIM. During her stay there, Swan made a rare find in the howling dark deserts. What she had discovered was the mobile hangar of an old third-wing ms produced, Vox Populi. She was able to restore the rare mod suit as well as salvage it's prior flight data and a few fragmented info logs on Vox Populi, the deceased pmc manufacturer. Surprisingly, the extremely limited past use of the suit had left it in good condition. It was kept secret until Swan gained recognition in Raven's Ark as a private military contractor(pmc), then she brought out this rare relic. And so the story continues...

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