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    Team Creation Rules

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    Team Creation Rules Empty Team Creation Rules

    Post  +Swan+ on Wed Mar 23, 2011 4:00 pm

    1. To make a team you must have three people to join the team +yourself. When you create your team's topic, please try and have them post in in that they actually do want to join that team. Once those three people do, it will be ready for approval.

    2. You can only have one team at a time, so if you do not like the team you are in please disband it first and inform a mod and all your members.

    3. Don't be completely foolish with this. Try to adhere to the spirit of the RPG and the Gundamverse. I don't mind people being a little silly if it's their preference, its THEIR team, but don't be so immature or profane that I have to hand out warnings or Bans.

    4. We want you to enjoy your team and enjoy this feature, its there for your fun! So just be respectful of everyone else and the mods, follow the rules like everything else, and have fun. Very Happy

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