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    Roster Rules/Template Empty Roster Rules/Template

    Post  +Swan+ on Wed Mar 23, 2011 3:52 pm

    Here are the rules for making a Team Roster for your team.

    1. Only the TEAM OWNER can create the Roster topic, unless somebody else in the team was clearly directed to do it for them.

    2. The roster is fully editable and not locked. However, we expect you not to put false information here. All members and Rep Points should be accurate meaning -don't cheat-!

    2.a. If I (or any mods) suspect cheating, then I or probably another admin will do an investigation and make sure everything is accounted for. If I find you giving yourself a generous little bonus, you will be royally f*cked because I will delete and disband the team. Multiple offenses will get you Banned!

    3. You can post your team's Bulletins and other need-to-know stuff in this topic. Very Happy

    4. Please only make one topic, and only post relevant team information there, meaning no spam. And follow the general Forum Rules as well.

    Follow these simple rules and everything will work out fine. And I hope you enjoy your team.


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