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    Post  +Swan+ on Wed Mar 23, 2011 3:15 pm

    ((Just because I only list certain MS doesn't mean you may not be approved to use something else.))

    EPSF (NPC):
    Earth Preservation & Security Forces; The EPSF primarily use the VMS-01E Flag as their MS of choice, its fighter mode helps greatly to get quickly across the world. Other MS the EPSF hold onto are the GM II; Gundam Mk II; Guncannon; and a prototype VMS-02.
    The EPSF is ran by Admiral Dillinger.

    200x GM
    200x GM II
    200x GM Sniper
    180x MB-74 Ball
    50x GM Sniper II
    5x GM Sniper Custom
    40x GM Cannon
    20x GM Cannon II
    40x MS-75 Guntank
    60x TMS-76*
    50x MS-79[G]
    80x VMS-01 Flag
    20x VMS-01E Union Flag
    80x VMS-01SG Shell Flag
    2x Gundam MKII
    1x MS-78 Gundam
    1x XVMS-02 Royal Flag

    EFF (NPC):
    The Federation is still sparcely littered across three major areas; North America, Europe, and Far East. After seperating from EPSF becoming an independant task force, EFF brought with them a handful of suits; mainly Flags and GMs.

    80x GM
    100x GM II
    20x GM Sniper
    20x GM Cannon
    40x VMS-01 Flag
    30x VMS-01SG Shell Flag

    Raven's Nest/Ark (Player):
    The Mercenaries HQ. Ran by a man with the name of Cypher the Mercenaries primarily use whatever they can get their hands on, being either a Zaku I clear up to a stolen prototype.

    HEX (NPC):
    Helium Energy Executive; their military has unrefined or outdated MS. They have however dealt with the AE and have been given some Zeonic MS such as the Zaku II Stutzer, Rick Dom Stutzer, and Gelgoog Stutzer; but AE has given them their own line of MS such as the Eye-Zack, Marasai.

    50x Zaku II Stutzer
    50x Rick Dom Stutzer
    50x Gelgoog Stutzer
    20x Eye-Zack
    40x Marasai
    30x Gouf Flight Type
    4x Zeta Gundam
    1x ZZ Gundam

    Zeonic Corporation (Player):
    Always the same; from their use of weapons clear from the OYW to now of days, their arsenal just keep getting bigger and bigger. Still using MS like the Zaku II, and the Gelgoog; clear up to the Qubeley II. Their prototype MS is the Nightengale.

    200x Zaku II ((all varients))
    200x Qubeley
    200x Dom/Rick Dom ((all varients))
    50x Kampfer
    50x Dom/Rick Dom II
    50x Gouf
    20x Gouf Flight Type
    10x Gouf Custom
    50x Geara Doga
    10x Jagd Doga
    5x Geara Zulu
    20x Qubeley II
    4x Sazabi
    2x Sinanju
    1x Nightengale

    Crossbone Vanguard (disbanded):
    Pirates; their MS roster consisted of the X3; the Zondo Gei; and they did not have anything but their ship and a few captured colonies.

    200x Batara
    50x Gouf R
    Gouf R:
    New Factions Gouf
    50x Den'an
    10x Den'an Kai
    5x Den'an S*
    1x X4 Crossbone Gundam

    Anaheim Electronics (Player):
    Based on the moon; they supply anybody on any side of the war. Their MS are usually the best and newest rolled out.

    200x Leo ((all varients))
    200x Virgo
    200x Aries
    50x Gouf X
    Gouf X:
    New Factions Flightkampfer
    40x Gouf R
    40x Leo II
    20x XAEMS-18 Guerilla Kampfer
    New Factions DieFliegenmaus-ZeedCustomBeta
    Model Number: XAEMS-018
    Codename: Gurilla Kampfer
    Unit Type: balanced combat mobile suit
    Manufacturer: AE
    Operator: AE
    Roll out Date: UNKNOWN
    First Deployment: UNKNOWN
    Accommodation: pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso
    Dimensions: head height 18.44 meters; overall height unknown
    Weight: empty weight 54.09 metric tons
    Construction: Hardend Titanium Steel/Ceramic Composite
    Powerplant: Minovsky Core Drive power, rating unknown
    Propulsion: High-output drive thruster x1, located on back; 9x jet rocket thrusters, 4x on back, 3x on rear skirt, 1x in each foot; 10x verniers/thrusters; manyx apogee motors
    Performance: maximum acceleration 4.72 g's; maximum ground running speed 219 km/h; maximum ground boost speed 256 km/h
    Equipment and design features: Sensors, range 9433 meters; atmospheric re-entry capabilities
    Fixed armaments: beam saber x2 power output rated at 3.32 MWs, stored in recharge rack on waist; beam rifle, stored on side skirt armor; head mounted vulcan cannons; wrist mounted heat claws on right wrist
    Optional fixed armaments: 2x 880mm Raketan Bazooka, clip-fed, 8 rounds per clip, attaches to shoulders; multi-purpose shield, hand carried in use; ammo packs (attaches to rear skirt and hip mounts, contains extra E paks for beam rifle)
    Optional Armaments: Fire-linked Gatlingguns x1, attaches to back storage rack; Beam Cannon, attaches to left shoulder when in use
    10x Vayeate
    5x Mercurius
    5x Virgo Cubed*
    2x Tallgeese II
    1x Heavyarms Gundam
    1x Deathscythe Gundam
    1x Gundam Wing Zero
    1x Gundam Epyon

    Red Planet Imperial Military (Player):Their use of force in numbers explains alot, especially when they appear to be like WWII Russia. With a few bases and colonized parts on Mars their main industry is the Red Planet Industrial Mining Company, ran by the military. They have their own classifications of MS starting with the RPMS-05 Demon.

    RPMS-05 Demon
    New Factions MSN-05Daemon
    RPMS-05S Demon S
    Demon S:
    New Factions MSN-05SSkullDaemon
    Model number: MSN-05s
    Code name: Demon
    Unit type: close combat ground mobile suit
    Manufacturer: RPIM
    Operator: RPIM
    Rollout: UNKNOWN
    Accommodation(s): pilot only, in panoramic monitor/linear seat cockpit in torso
    Dimensions: head height 20.0 meters
    Weight: empty weight 30.2 metric tons; overall weight 55.8 metric tons
    Construction: Hardend Titanium Steel/Ceramic Composite
    Power plant: Minovsky type ultracompact fusion reactor, output rated at 2493 kW
    Propulsion: High-output jet rocket thrusters x8, located on bottom of feet, rear skirt, and back, power output rating unknown; 11x verniers/thrusters, 3x on back, 4x on skirt, 2x on each ankle; manyx apogee motors
    Equipment and design features: sensors, range 1973meters; Mobile Doll System compatible; atmospheric re-entry capabilities
    Fixed armaments:
    -x2 Beam saber stored in back pack recharge rack; 1x Beam rifle mounted on hip, extra E Pak’s located on left side skirt.
    Optional armaments: x1 Grand Rifle ((Angelo Sauper Long Rifle)); 120mm Machinegun; 360mm Panzerschreck

    New Avalon (Player):
    New Avalon is a small "outsider" society whos primary goals are to find lasting peace and order between the corporations. Their military structure is similar to both Medieval Knights and Raven's Ark in many ways. They do not have many MS; and usually rely on support from Ravens.

    200x Zaku II
    100x KMS-02 Espadon*
    50x PRMS-05 Demon
    1x KMS-01 Exige**

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